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 Trisha DuVivier

Trisha DuVivier received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from USC in Psychology. She has worked with couples, individuals and families with wide ranges of presenting problems from general life stressors to depression and anxiety.






 Payal Beri

I am passionate in working with clients, ranging from young adults to seniors, during difficult times of adjustments including but not limited to relationships, life stages, personal transitions, and identifying ways in supporting yourself with family members who have mental health issues. I also work with professionals who want to improve their skills as a leader and develop their roles in a professional realm. I partner with my clients to provide guidance to effectively manage stress, depression, self-identify issues as well help with career planning.

I will guide you in creating and visualizing a successful personal development plan by utilizing both cognitive behavioral as well as psychodynamic therapeutic techniques. Having worked internationally, I’m sensitive to diverse cultural dynamics and recognize the role it plays in ones’ life experience and I take this into consideration when working with my clients. Through this, I will customize a plan that will meet your needs and work together with you to successfully reach your life goals.

I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and am currently registered as a Marriage and Family Intern. I am also working on my PhD in Business Psychology, with a goal to blend mental health and corporate wellness in my future practice.